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Graphic Design Council based in Auckland, New Zealand, Web site design, Brochure design, Packaging design, Brand Strategy and Logo design, Advertising and Magazine, Exhibition and Digital Signage, Animation and 3D Illustration.
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Our smart brand design is making waves by connecting a historical Auckland pub to it's roots on a river.

The Riverhead Tavern is about to undergo a new lease of life through it's new globetrotting owners, read how we worked closely with them to define a brand and logo design that links to historical past and a modern community. Read all about it right here.

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"We've been involved in designing some of New Zealand's best known brands"

I hope you'll have a good look around to see our examples of Brand Strategy and Logo design, Web Site Design, Brochure Design, Packaging Design, Advertising for Web, Press and Magazine. All are focused and designed in order to help your business become stronger and more profitable through thinking design.

Some of our latest work is written up in case studies so click on the following links to find out more on our success stories for Maketu Pies, The Riverhead Tavern, New Zealand Institute of Education, etc.


David Craggs MDINZ
Creative Director

Giving a building company a real sense of vision through great brand strategy and design.

The Eden Group® was at a crossroads, great service and great staff, even great products but the brand vision had become muddied through organic growth, here's how we helped by using our proven systems for brand strategy and corporate design.

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A 25% increase in sales achieved through smart package design alone?

The Brewtec® brand was in need of rejuvenation, we strategised, designed and produced a packaging exercise that pushed all the right buttons for the target market resulting in unprecedented sales increase - all without any other form of marketing spend - proof that our thought and design process worked well for increasing business profit.

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Bringing the best of good old fashioned values to life through great brand strategy and design.

Maketu Pies® had one of the best ever brand stories waiting to be discovered and told to the world.
Read all about how we did just that... and business has never looked so good.

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Focused name generation that sells innovative shower systems to a global market.

Methven's SatinJet® technology has been a best seller in homes and hotels around the globe.
Read how we worked with Methven to get their brand kickstarted onto the world stage.

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One of our more adventurous graphic design commissions takes to the skies.

Never let it be said that design is a dull world, especially not when you get the chance to work on an exclusive set of livery for a Pitts Special.

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Cooking up a brand identity design that fits a product to its clients

Parmco are a successful designer, manufacturer and retailer of quality kitchen products but something was amiss with the way their brand and it's elements were being perceived in the marketplace. Graphic Design Council was commissioned to solve the various problems.
Read here to see how we did it.

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A design to take our quality education to the global markets.

New Zealand Institute of Education had a great team and a great product, all they needed was a quality brand to take their wares offshore and sell into the lucrative east asian markets.
See how Graphic Design Council helped them achieve their goals.

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When is a glasshouse more than the sum of it's parts...?

Faber Glasshouses® needed to move in a new direction and were unable to differentiate their product offer from the competitors. Graphic Design Council spotted a gap in the market and we used it at an exhibition in Sydney... caused quite a stir with the Aussies.

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An invitation to 'feel the spirit®' became the cornerstone for an authentic and enduring brand.

In the mid nineties, Tourism Rotorua needed a refreshment badly, stale and feeling outdated, Graphic Design Council devised a brand and design system that breathed new life into every corner of the local industry, even today the idea is as fresh and strong as ever.

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One of New Zealand's best loved brands was designed right here

Whether you're just learning to ride or competing in the Olympic Games, one brand is known to all New Zealanders, Avanti®, a logo that was designed right here in our studio. Read the full story of it's conception here.

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Bringing technology in to navigate Auckland's finest museum

The Auckland War Museum made use of smart design and stand-alone kiosks in which to navigate the corridors of our most treasured archives.

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At Graphic Design Council, we are specialists in Brand Strategy, Logo and Corporate Identity Design. Examples are shown here for some of New Zealand's largest... and not so large companies.


o1 March 2013
A complete re-brand for Quality Foods Southland (QFS) involving a top to bottom review of brand structure. QFS CEO, Andee Gainsford, says that this is a major leap forward for the company and will make selling the range of quality products into off-shore markets so much easier - a full review of the project is being prepared but for now take a look at

22 November 2012
Altezano coffee undergoes a full rebrand process and is delighted with the results, Tim and Richard Goatley (two of the brothers) exclaim that the extensive review has added immeasurable value and are looking at a full roll-out over 2013 - a full review of the project is being prepared but for now take a look at

o5 May 2011
Trevor Preston, General Manager of Parmco Appliances Limited reports a 30% increase in turnover for the year, a stunning result in the midst of recession and he attributes this to the revitalised brandwork that was completed early in 2010 (using our BrandLogic® system)... to put this in perspective, a 5% increase would mean a 133% increase in profit.

12 March 2011
Maketu Pies® get set to launch their new premium range onto the market - known as 'Sunday Best' it will certainly shake up the industry and give Maketu a fantastic vehicle to flex their creative culinary muscles.

14 February 2011
The Riverhead are open at last! (yeah right!). First visit their most excellent website to see what's on... then visit their beautifully restored pub with the most relaxing river views in Auckland.

18 December 2010
CardLink®, a quiet powerhouse of a company requested that Graphic design Council review their recent re-brand strategy, after working through the process of brand review, GDC demonstrated that several fundamental gaps in the brand were visible - A revision (of the revision) was commenced and completed, in record time, to our new client's satisfaction.

12 December 2010
MaryRose Spence of WeightWise® contacted Graphic Design Council to review and implement her new brand strategies - her brief encapsulated the key desire for "A delicious and succulent image"... of course we couldn't resist and now work is commencing on bringing the superb values of WeightWise® to a whole new audience.

13 September 2010
BrandLogic®, a product of Graphic Design Council, is formulated and launched in response to growing client demand for a smarter and more accountable method of developing brands that grow business - take a look at the offering here -

20 August 2010
Palm Clinic launches their new website after a nine month redsign phase. John Barrett, owner of Palm Clinic is very pleased with the site and adds the comments that this is a major step forward in cementing their position as the prime professional resource for beauty and vein treatments in Auckland, New Zealand -

09 August 2010
Maketu Pies re-branded packaging hits the shelves, James Wilson, CEO of Maketu Pies reports an immediate increase in sales as well as significant interest in export orders, he attributes much of this activity as a positive response to the revitalised brand design programme.